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Lusitanian and Sport Horse Breeder

Welcome to Écuries Neliann Stables, breeder of Lusitano horses and dressage Sport Horses.

We chose the Lusitano for their many qualities. They are brave, elegant, generous and versatile. In order to diversify the abilities of the foals we produce, we have acquired two Oldenburg mares. We believe that the combination of these two breeds will produce sport horses with great potential, combining the strength of the Warmblood with the flexibility of the Lusitano.

Jogador de Neliann-6.png

Fawn Brittany    basset


In addition to breeding horses, we also breed Basset Fawny Brittany dogs.

We chose this breed after long research. We wanted a small, robust and well-balanced dog with energy, who would also be calm and affectionate, and able to adapt to apartment life.

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