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Neliann's Team

The Neliann team is made up of equestrian professionals who trained over the years with competent people and different schools of thought, thus forging our own vision to ensure the quality of our breeding and the good service we offer to customers 

Marlene Pearson

Marlène has had a lifelong passion for horses. After retiring from public services, she decided to begin breeding Lusitanos. She took several courses to further her knowledge.  Assisted by her daughter Chanel, she began her breeding program in 2012 with the purchase of the stallion Gaillac DAC and two brood mares, Nevoa and Caliente.


2015 seen the birth of Laureada and they decided to keep her in the breeding program. Cassandra, arrived in 2016, was the last acquisition of Stables Neliann

Chanel Pearson

Chanel was part of the show Odysséo, by Cavalia, for 3 years. Her way of working is based on the principles of equitation of French traditions. She was the student of Benjamin Aillaud, the equestrian director of the shows Cavalia and Odysseo. He advocates pluridisciplinarity in the work of horses, that is to say not to limit himself in a single discipline. He thinks that horses get tired and bored if they’re always doing the same thing


Considering this, it is interesting to work in liberty with horses, this helps to develop a relationship and really understand them. The idea of liberty is, initially, to teach the horse to follow us. And by not holding the horses, we let them speak and get to know them really. Working in liberty (work on the ground) can be done with all types of horses, no matter their age or level, and all riders.


In collaboration with the Neliann Stables, Chanel offers dressage and liberty lessons. She can also train horses.


Chanel is ambassadress for Paramount Saddlery and Blue Seal Feeds.



Receptionist, our faithful companion of stable will welcome you with open legs, always happy to receive you (or to receive your cuddle)!

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