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Originally, The Fawn Brittany Basset was a dog used for hunting.


At home, he is an enjoyable pet for the entire family. Being very attached to his owner, the Fawn Brittany Basset is a perfect pet for families with or without children. It is a very playful, docile and sociable dog. He will be playful with both young kids in the house and his owner, to whom he will be completely devoted. He is calm and balanced, which means he is never aggressive and will not have a problem with guests or strangers. Although he is a very good family dog, he is not a very good guardian as he is very friendly and affectionate towards people.


This type of dog adapts to his environment pretty easily and has a very solid health. There is no notorious hereditary pathology, and doesn’t seem to be predisposed to any other diseases. In addition, he is very resistant to extreme temperatures whether it’s cold or hot.


Our breeding dogs are Othello and Olive from L’Élevage de la Forêt des Sources.


Their first pups, 3 males and 3 females, were born on February 19th 2020.


Our dogs are sold registered in the American Kennel Club. In addition to the basic vaccines, they are also dewormed, microchipped and neutered before they go.

since, others females, Rose , Romy, Eleanor, Elfy and Juliette de la Forêt des Sources,  joined the breeding programm


On 03 August 2023 Romy had 5 females and 2 males. They will be ready to leave the farm around November 3rd. The price is $2,600. plus taxes.

             Mother: Romy 

             Father: Othello

For reservation contact us by

Email or by phone at 450-775-2486

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