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Fawn Brittany Basset

                                                                    our philosophy


Although the Basset Fauve de Bretagne is first and foremost a hunting dog and without wanting to deny what it is, we offer them as a companion dog. In this way, we work to socialize them from the moment they are born. The puppies leave the kennel at the 13th week and spend the last weeks with the rest of the pack who complete the education their mother has started. What better way to teach them canine language than with an adult dog.

All our breeders live with us in the house. However, they spend the day in large enclosures where they can run and play freely. We have different enclosures, one of which is covered.

We have built an adjacent building that we call the daycare. The puppies spend the day in this place to play when the outside temperature does not allow them to go to the park.


                                                                   Booking by contract


The reservation of a puppy is done by signing the contract with a deposit of $150. The date of receipt of the deposit and signed contract establishes your rank in puppy selection. If the date of a litter does not suit you, you can postpone the adoption of the puppy until when it suits you best. It is possible to come and visit the farm by reservation. It will be our pleasure to introduce you to our breeders 

                                                                  Choosing the puppy


The choice of puppy is made at the 7th week, either after the puppies have received their first series of vaccine (core vaccine) or in person or by FaceTime or other similar means. In this way, we can guide people in choosing the puppy that best suits their family and lifestyle.




The puppies leave the kennel at the 13th week of life. They are dewormed (3 series of dewormer) microchipped, and have received the basic vaccines, the booster of these vaccines, the vaccine against leptospirosis. They are also sterilized. They leave with the health booklet and a 2 kg bag of feed, a cuddly toy with the smell of siblings

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